Making a Slideshow in DVD Slideshow Builder

DVD Slideshow builder is a great software that helps you create DVD slideshows with videos, pictures and even music. It's as simple as drag and drop, and your slideshow is ready. You can even add various styles to your images and let your creativity go wild. If you want to put together a great DVD slideshow for an upcoming event, this step by step tutorial will show you how you can get that done quickly using the DVD Slideshow builder.

Step 1: Collect Data and Install the Software

The first step is to install the software on your hard disk. All you need to do is select the installer and run through the installation process. You will also need all the photos, videos and music files for the slideshow to be saved on the hard disk.

Step 2: Create Your Story

Launch the Wondershare DVD Slideshow builder software and select the photo set tab. You will have to select the folder where the photos for the slideshow are saved. On selecting the folder, the contents in the folder is displayed on the screen. Now you can browse through the various photos available, select the ones that you want, and drag these photos onto the story broad which is open at the bottom of the screen in the software. Once you have selected all the photos and added them on the storyboard, select the background score for the slideshow. It could even be a music file that you have recorded.

Step 3: Select the Style for Your Slideshow

Once you have finalized the photos, select the Style tab. This will show you the various animation styles available that can be used for your slideshow. There are close to 200 styles from which to choose; you can choose the ones that appeal to you the most. You can also select from the various theme styles available for different occasions like weddings, graduations and others. Select the styles that you want from the collage option on your screen and also select the color that you want. Drag and drop these styles into the story board.

Step 4: Decorate and Create Your Slideshow

Now it's time for some decoration. The DVD slideshow builder offers you several elements with which you can decorate your slide show to make it more lively and enjoyable. Select the Decorate tab to access these effects. You can even add text captions for various photos and audio and use different effects on the text and the scenes. You can also choose from the huge collection of animated clipart options available.

Choose from the various options of Into and Credit effects, in order to make your slideshow more interesting. You can also add information such as cast, set, director and the title to your slideshow. Once you have completed these steps, all you need to do is to select the Create tab and you can choose the Create DVD option. Your DVD slideshow is now ready!