Making a Movie Commentary in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD is a product of ArcSoft and it offers enthusiasts an easy way to create professional looking movies with movie commentary. If you are struggling with your home movie project where you have to add ongoing movie commentary, Showbiz DVD is the right software for you. This guide below will show you in just 4 simple steps how you can edit your movies and add ongoing commentary to it.

Step 1: Install & Launch the Software

Install the Showbiz DVD on your computer by clicking on the setup file and complete the installation process. Launch the program and from the welcome screen select the Capture option. You will need to capture or record the audio and video that you need for the movie. Select on the video tab and the audio tab to record video and audio files respectively. Once you have captured the requisite data, save them in an album. You can now access them at a later stage.

Step 2: Edit the Files

After you have all the data with you like the voices, the images, the commentaries and others, select the Edit module. This is where you assemble these various components and create a new video clip. You can do this with the help of the Storyboard and the Timeline. Once you have selected all the media files that you require for your movie, including the commentaries, just drag and drop them in the appropriate space on the Storyboard. Choose the text you want to add from the text tab on the Edit module and the transitions and effects that you need too. Now you can view all the media files in the Timeline and arrange them as per your requirement. Each and every media file that you have added can be altered in the Timeline. In the display area of the Timeline, you will have the text effects first, then the images and video files and transitions and finally the audio files, which will include your movie commentary.

Step 3: Adding Your Commentary

Once you have completed your modifications with the text and the media files, move on to the audio tracks. This is where you can add your narration. There is a total of 3 tracks available to you. The first audio track is meant for the audio that is embedded into the video. The other 2 tracks are where you can upload your narrations and any other background music. All you need to do is select the commentary file and click and drag its edge to trim it. To adjust its volume, click on it to view the volume control. Once you have done your changes to the track, click on the option on the left and lock it thus making it uneditable.

Step 4: Export and Burn

Once you have added your commentary, you can make other changes with the text and transitions and then select the export tab and save your video. Select the create module and you can add themes, customize the layout, add text and set chapters and finally burn your movie onto a DVD.