Making a Dynamic Movie Introduction

A movie introduction is what will grab the viewer’s attention and interest. If the introduction is fun, exciting and dynamic, then the viewer will stick around for the entire movie or purchase a ticket to see the full feature. This introduction does not mean that all the exciting bits will be used, but it is important to create some intrigue and make the viewer want to watch the movie. The short of it is that the introduction is the hook and bait to land the big fish.

Step 1: Choose Clips

First, choose the few clips that will be used in the introduction. These do not even have to be clips, but can be comprised of a few still photos. At its most basic, only one picture is needed and then the entire intro can use effects to change that picture.

Step 2: Include Text

The intro can include text. Think about how to use the text to get the information across that you want. Look at the colors of the text and the background. Dramatic pairings can be eye catching and will stand out. Does the text move? Think about speed of the text as it moves or morphs. Add interesting transition effects to go from one piece of text to another. Try out different fonts, as some are easier to read than others.

Step 3: Add Transitions/Effects

It is the transitions/effects that can really make an introduction dynamic. Instead of simply cutting from one clip or picture to the next, transform the shots so that they fade in and out, melt together, actually transform or melt away. With good video editing software, it is easy to add transitions that keep the pace moving and introduce new pictures or clips in an exciting and eye catching way.

Step 4: Ensure Proper Timing

Many times, changing the timing of a clip can make all the difference. See what happens if clips are sped up or a few seconds are shaved from the beginning or the end. In an introduction, there should not be any slow spots. It is important to get as much information in as possible in as few clips as possible. Therefore, a good editor needs to use the time effectively and economically. 

Step 5: Ensure Quality Audio

An introduction is not all about the visual. The audio is also important. Think about the music choices. Can you get pre-existing cuts, or is it worth it to have something created just for the introduction? There is plenty of software out there that will allow you to compose your own music. Watch the intro with music, without music, with sound effects and without. See which places benefit from the music and sound effects. Sometimes a particular image can be greatly enhanced without any sound at all, especially if there is a lot of sound or music surrounding the shot.

There are plenty of video editing programs available that can be used to create a movie introduction. The more advanced editing techniques and effects, then the more the program will cost, as a professional quality movie will require professional software. Even some of the more basic programs still offer great features and functions that anyone can use.