Limitations to the DVD VR Format

Anyone that has edited or re-edited digital video files will have used DVD VR formats. This is very similar to machines that are used on digital video recorders that will record television shows. Once the DVD is on the machine or disc, new content can be added. It is possible to insert chapters, remove unwanted content, add new content or split different video clips.

There are several different types of software that can be used to create these DVDs, and a DVD burner is needed. Despite the fact that this is the latest advanced format for DVDs, it still has limitations.


There are not a lot of software options to be able to work with DVD-VR formats. Cyberlink Power producer software can be used to work with DVD-VR formats. Nero 7 software will also allow for DVD-VR editing, though it only works with DVD-RW discs. Another software choice for this video format is DVD MovieFactory. As technology is increasing, more and more programs will be introduced with this editing ability.

Deleted Content

A main limitation with this form of DVD formatting is that when content is deleted, this does not automatically free up space on the disc. In order to increase the amount of space on the disc when the content is deleted, the disc must be defragmented to optimize the available disc space. This is time consuming and makes deleting and adding content a bit of a chore. With the DVD-VR formats, the newly freed up space can only be accessed by what is on either side of that deleted area. With DVD+VR, the space can be used anywhere once the disc is defragmented. 

Disc Type

There are 2 different types of discs that can use this VR editing: DVD+VR and DVD-VR. The DVD+VR discs can be played on home DVD players as well as DVD+RW devices. A DVD-VR disc must be edited and played on a DVD-RW device, and it can only be played back on this device. There are not many machines available on the market that will play this format. The DVD-VR disc cannot be played on any at home DVD player. DVD+VR formats can only be burned to DVD+RW and DVD+R discs. DVD-VR formats can only record on DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R discs. 

Menu vs Playlist

The different versions of the format will use a menu or a playlist. The DVD+VR format allows for navigation menus, though it can only hold up to 30MB of menus. These menus include menu music and menu video. A DVD+VR disc can contain 48 separate recordings on one disc. DVD-VR formats do not use menus, but do use playlists. It is possible to have up to 99 different titles on a disc. 

Eventually the main limitations, such as not being able to playback on home systems, will be overcome. More and more software will also become available that supports this type of editing. As the software and technology develop the need to defragment, the disc will become obsolete. Deleting and adding content will be just like using a USB flash drive.