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Fully-Linear Mask: Eliminate Hard Edges with Ultimatte Advantedge

A very powerful software program is available to graphic designers all over the world in the form of Ultimatte Advantedge. This cutting edge software has several features that help you composite images in just...[more]

Getting A Sci-Fi Look Using After Effects Plugins

Your palette as a filmmaker is vastly expanded by using after effects plugins. One of the most stylized genre’s that can benefit from this is science fiction films. It used to be that sci...[more]

Capturing 3D Video Motion Analysis

Video motion analysis involves capturing motion through the technique of recording movements and then transferring those into a digital format. The main thing that this is used in is 3D movies and animation. It...[more]

Rendering 3D Motion Analysis for Sport Science

3D Motion Analysis has a number of uses including Sport Science. This makes it possible to observe how people move when they are playing sports. Computers have made lots of things possible, and this...[more]

Half Speed Video: Teaching Movement

There are numerous benefits in showing parts of the video at half speed. One is that playing the video at a reduced speed or in slow motion induces a different set of emotions. It...[more]

Creating Text Images in ProAnimator

Proanimator can be used as either a standalone product or as an Adobe After Effects plug-in, which allows After Effects users to eliminate an extra step by keeping all of the editing in one...[more]

Simple Time Lapse Tutorial for Twixtor

Sometimes you might want to create a time lapse video so that you can see something that normally happens very slowly. The most common examples of this include filming a flower opening or other...[more]

Twixtor: Making Time Lapse Videos of Floral Growth

Twixtor is a useful plugin which makes creating time lapse videos very simple. This means that you will be able to shoot something very slow like a flower opening and then speed it up....[more]

Graduation Videos: Getting to the Good Part with Twixtor

Graduation videos are a very popular way for students to remember one of the most exciting days of their lives so far. Many students will keep these graduation videos forever, so that they have...[more]

Controlling the Frame Rate of Promotional Dance Videos

If you are creating promotional dance videos, then it is possible to adjust the frame rate so that they cannot be used for any other purpose. It is possible to control the frame rate...[more]

Enhancing Your Wedding DVDs using Twixtor

Creating wedding DVDs can be a great money earner for anyone interested in videography. If you want to make your videos stand out from the crowd, then you will need to learn how to...[more]

4 Video Editing Tips for Twixtor

Twixtor is a new plugin used in the editing process of images and movies, which can be slightly complicated, but the following video editing tips will simplify everything for you. Compatible with certain Adobe...[more]

Editing Promotional Skateboarding Videos with Twixtor

Twixtor can be used to apply various effects to videos. This also makes it possible to create promotional videos for skateboarding. Promotional videos are designed to be easy to distribute on the Internet. This...[more]

Creating Light Flares in Knoll Light Factory

Red Giant Software’s knoll light factory allows users to add some interesting effects, including light flares. These can brighten up dull photographs or just a different element to the overall picture. Further, it is...[more]

How to Use Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Twixtor is a handy plug-in that can be used in Premiere Pro. It allows you to change the speed of clips or even stretches it depending on how you want to do it. It...[more]

Slow Motion in Sports Movies

Slow motion is a camera and post production technique that will slow down the footage. Because sports games occur live and the photographer does not know how events will unfold, most slow motion in...[more]

The Difference Between Slow Motion and Half Speed

Slow motion and half speed both create the same type of effect. But one is an in camera effect and the other is achieved in post production. But how they're created is only the...[more]

How to Perform Stage Combat For Slow Motion

Stage combat is a skill that all actors and filmmakers should familiarize themselves with. When the actors and filmmaker know what they're doing, they can safely shoot fight scenes that look real. When they...[more]

Using Slow Motion in Romance Movies

Slow motion is a type of effect that can be used in many different styles of movies. Ultimately, the footage is recorded at the same speed, but then in post production is played at...[more]

How to Convert from a Higher to a Lower FPS Rate

Video’s real time playback speed is usually 30 fps (it’s really 29.97 fps and some cameras play back at 24fps). Changing the recording frame rate of the camera has the ability to create high...[more]

Converting Frame Rates In Compressor

Final Cut Studio’s Compressor allows users to add clips with different frame rates to the timelines, but these clips will have to be rendered before they can be outputted. While this task can be...[more]

How to Simulate Super Speed by Controlling Frame Rate

You can easily simulate super speed by controlling the frame rate of your video. This can either be done in camera or in an editing program. Both methods of obtaining super speed will give...[more]

Using Twixtor in Time-Travel Science Fiction Movies

Twixtor is an interesting plugin which can be used to change the frame rate. This makes it possible to speed up or slow down the frame rate of your film with ease. The plugin is...[more]

3 Tips for Using ProAnimator

You can purchase ProAnimator in two different forms. The first is an application that stands alone on your computer. The second is a plug-in that you can integrate with other applications such as programs...[more]

5 Tips for Using Twixtor with Final Cut Pro

If you would like to learn how to use Twixtor with final cut pro, then follow these simple steps on how to use them together. Twixtor is a plug-in that can be used to...[more]

After Effects: Changing Frame Input and Output Rates

Adobe after effects allows editors to manipulate the frame rate when importing and exporting video. These manipulations can be done in either the Project Panel or Composition tab. Just by learning a few simple...[more]

Generating Perfect Oceans in Psunami

Psunami is a computer program that plugs in and can be used in conjunction with a camera. It can create advanced and detailed layouts of the surface of ocean waters and can consequently produce...[more]

Choreography: Shooting Slow Motion

When teaching choreography dances, sometimes it may be best to record the dance either using a slow motion camera or by simply slowing down the entire sequence. If a slow motion camera, however, is...[more]

Using Slow Motion In News Reports

News reports use slow motion in many different ways. In particular, weather will use a type of slow motion similar to many other news events. As with any slow motion usage, it is best...[more]

Four Tips for Using Slow Motion in Comedies

Slow motion is a special effect that can get a lot of laughs when it is properly used in comedy. The effect can be achieved either in camera or in post production with an...[more]

The Time Warp Effect: Frame Rate Conversion

In movies, a filmmaker has the ability to alter time thanks to a technique called frame rate conversion. A typical video plays back at a speed of 30 frames per a second (fps), which...[more]

Using Twixtor For Instant Sport Replays

Twixtor is a useful plugin which can be used with Adobe After effects and many other popular video editing packages. This plugin is used to change the timing and create various effects. One of...[more]

Using Slow Motion in Action Movies

Slow motion makes almost everything look cool. For example, take the opening credits of the movie Reservoir Dogs. In this sequence, the characters of the film, all dressed in suits, walk down a city...[more]

Using Green Screen: Combining Animation with Live Action

The magic of filmmaking gives filmmakers the opportunity to take their audience into worlds where they have never been, and one of the easiest way to do this is by using a green screen....[more]

Green Keying Together a Digital Scrapbook

A digital scrapbook is a wonderful way of displaying your photos, and by using green keying effects, it is possible to create interesting layouts. With a digital scrapbook, the images are laid out in...[more]

How to Chroma Key for Broadcast Journalism

Green screens effectively composite two separate images together, and it’s important to know how to chroma key to get the same effects for your production. The most common place you’ll notice this effect is...[more]

Chroma Key Stock Footage for Sci Fi Movies

Certain genres seem more apt for the possibilities to chroma key with stock footage, and science fiction is one that has effectively shown its potential for that. Classic science fiction has always incorporated stock...[more]

Horror Movies: Keying Out Limbs Using Green Screen

While many people only view green screens as a way to change the background, using a green screen can enhance the effects of horror movies. With a combination of both a green screen and...[more]

Chroma Key Tutorial: 3 Tips For Chroma Keying Animals

Anyone interested in video special effects can benefit from reading a chroma key tutorial. It’s a challenging effect that needs to be properly executed in order for it to work. And, shooting animals is...[more]

Acting and Reacting in Front of a Chroma Key Screen

Working with a chroma key screen is awesome because it allows filmmakers to take their movies to places that would otherwise be impossible to go to, like space or under the ocean. It’s a...[more]

Chroma Key Tutorial: Green Screening and Motion Tracking

This chroma key tutorial explains green screening and motion tracking while using this feature. Chroma Keying allows users to remove the background from objects and then combine two images. This is done via green...[more]

Chroma Keying at Night

Chroma keying for a night scene can make the entire process very easy. Night scenes can be difficult to shoot because night scenes require a lot of light. Originally, the chroma keying was done...[more]

Chroma Keying Underwater

Chroma keying can be a great technique for shooting action or objects in an underwater experience. It can be very expensive to get all the equipment, location and lighting needed for real underwater shooting....[more]

Animated Backgrounds and Chroma Keying

Chroma keying is used specifically for blue screening. It is quite common and easy to use. One such excellent example is the weather broadcast during the news. The weather maps are seen in the...[more]

Advanced Techniques for Chroma Keying

Chroma keying was first used in the middle of the 1990s, and the creator won an academy award for the use of this effect. However, since then technology has greatly improved, and chroma keying...[more]

Methods for Chroma Keying

Chroma keying refers to replacing a specific color key with another image. Normally, this is referred to as green screen or blue screen. Certain types of chroma keying are used every day, in particular,...[more]

Basics Techniques for Perfect Green Screen Effects

A common, popular effect used by professional filmmakers is the green screen, but it’s something that has become accessible for filmmakers at all levels. The things you’ll need to get started with green screen...[more]

Screenwriting: How To Write the Title Page

Most screenwriting has formats and templates that need to be used. This way, it is possible to determine the differences between scripts easily as well as ensure that all scripts are easy to read....[more]

Screenwriting: Understanding Adlibs

Adlibs are not limited to the field of screenwriting alone. The term is also commonly used in music and other fields of media, on or off the camera. It involves improvising, depending on the...[more]

How to Re-Edit DVD Discs

DVD Discs are a great alternative when it comes to storing large amounts of information. That is why they are better than CDs. There are techniques that allow users to re-edit DVD discs and their...[more]

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