How to Use Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Twixtor is a handy plug-in that can be used in Premiere Pro. It allows you to change the speed of clips or even stretches it depending on how you want to do it. It can also be used to apply variable speeds on several movie clips for an amazing effect. Another feature is that it can convert different formats, as well as change frame rates.

Step 1: Installing Twixtor

Installing Twixtor is simple. Just launch the installer, enter the personal data and serial number, then drag Twixtor from the Twixtor folder in your hard drive, and place it on the plug-ins folder of Premiere Pro. Apply it from the host program.

Step 2: Maximize Twixtor’s Functionality

You need to setup Twixtor to maximize its functionality. Go to the settings and find the video options tab. You have to modify the render quality by unchecking the “Field Rendering” checkbox as well as the Draft Render and the Frame blending. Make sure that square pixels are off, as this will slow down the rendering preview.

Step 3: Create a Bin for Unwanted Clips

You must understand that Twixtor cannot be applied directly into a clip and stretch it. Twixtor is using a process called interpolation, and it means that as it is interpolating new frames, it will gradually require a bin to place all the skipped frames. What you need to do is make a blank video which can contain those frames as you go along. Drag that blank video into the sequence next to the clip that you will be using Twixtor on.

Step 4: Stretching a Video Clip

Create a blank three second clip (I.E. Noise Generator) and apply Twixtor to the clip. Double click the new clip and you will see a “Time Warp Layer”; this is where you will drag the movie that you wanted to stretch. Simply drag the one second video into the layer and it will be three seconds, covering the blank clip that we have generated earlier.

Step 5: Shortening Clips

You might notice these further options in the Twixtor panel namely the Stretching method, Constant Stretch Factor and the Frame for keyframed stretch. You can set the method into keyframe stretch if you are looking to have variable speeds at your movie. Keyframes mark specific points at your clips, and having selected clips will have varying rates of speed when Twixtor is used. The Frame option can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Let's suppose you have a 10 second movie clip which you wanted to distribute into varying speeds at certain marks. Let’s say that the 5th second, up to the 7th, should be extended into 4 seconds. You can mark a keyframe on the 5th and another at the 7th. Now, when you drag the actual clips to the “bin” clip, choose the keyframe stretching method so Twixtor only stretches those contents that are enclosed within the keyframes.

Twixtor is a handy tool in making movies or presentations. If you are into producing movies with dynamic speeds, Twixtor is perfect for you.