How to Use Stock Footage for Children's Television

Using stock footage is a great way to save time and money in the making of a great commercial. There are literally thousands of such stock footages for you to choose from, with many of them being of high quality. They are affordable too. A film director can immediately download stock footage and begin to edit the video. Using stock footage in the creation of an excellent children's commercial will require a different selection process. Here is how to choose stock footage meant for children's television.

Step 1: Sign up for Royalty Free Sites

Start signing up for several stock sites. There are several reputable sites out there. What is good about all these sites is that many of these sites do not require a registration fee. This means that a person can review the stock footage before downloading it for use. Select as much potential stock footage as possible to expand the number of options. Pay for the stock footage only after a selection has been made.

Step 2: Select Footage that Is Humorous and Engaging

This is probably very important for children's commercials. Children have very short attention spans, and they like to be entertained. The first few seconds is crucial in gluing their attention to the television. Make sure that the stock footage has elements of humorous components. The good thing about children is that they have a low standard of entertainment compared to adults. So, if the footage can engage an adult, it most likely can capture the attention of the children.

Step 3: Follow the KISS Principle

Follow the KISS principle when selecting stock footages. KISS means "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Children are not university graduates, so ensure that the footage is clear and simple to understand. Don't select stock footage that contains objects that children are unlikely to have seen in their life. When creating the commercial, make sure it is easy to understand. Do not worry about whether it is childish. As long as it is entertaining, it should be fine.

Step 4: Appeal to their Senses

Children like to take after role models of whatever they aspire to be. For example, children like to take after superheroes like Spiderman or Batman. If the stock footage contains a person or a role model that the children can relate to, put it down as one of your potential options. Children love nothing more than to see their favorite role model in play. Make sure that it is visually appealing, with lots of color in the background. Children are huge fans of cute and fanciful patterns.

Step 5: Make Sure It Is Something They Can Remember

As mentioned previously, children have short attention spans. They are not likely going to remember anything that is of significance to them. So when selecting the footage, make sure it is something memorable. It can be a whacky image. You can always ask your own children or children of your close relatives for opinions.