How to Upload Video Files to Showbiz DVD

The following article will show you how to upload video files to ShowBiz DVD. Video files need to be edited so that they can convey the desired message more effectively. A video file needs to be uploaded onto the software for editing to take place. The source of the video could be from a digital camera or from an advanced phone. The video files, once uploaded, are sorted into various albums in the software which are going to be the main library or archives for the files to be used.

Step 1: Login to ShowBiz DVD

First of all, you need to open the ShowBiz DVD software that should be already installed in the computer. You can do this by either clicking twice on the icon or opening the software using the right button of the mouse. Various options are visible once you login to the software. The main options available are file, edit, view, options, play, extras and help. There are also 3 tabs that are visible. They are under the main tabs. These are the capture, edit and create tabs. Every tab that is shown has different functionalities. To upload a video, click on the capture tab.

Step 2: Click on the Capture Tab

After you have clicked on the capture tab, you will be able to identify various controls that will allow you to go through the video that is in your camera. This will enable you to scroll through the full video that is on the camera and choose the parts that you want to record and edit. The controls available in the software enable you to do this as it has options for forwarding, rewinding and even skipping some parts of the video. Once captured, the video is ready for editing.

Step 3: Uploading the Video

As earlier mentioned, the controls allow you to skip various parts of the video. This means that you can decide where you would want to start recording the video file. Once you have decided where you want the recording to begin, press the red button that is below the preview window. Once this is done, you then get the chance to put the specifications that you would like in the uploaded or captured file. Specifications include the file name and the location where you would want it to be stored, the video format that you would like and the album that you would like the file to be in the software.

Step 4: Saving the Video

The video needs to be saved so that any change that is made pertaining to the video file can be retained. It is important to save the video in a format that is usable with the equipment that you have. The capture time is normally used to only capture a small part of the video that is required, if the video file is too long. It is mandatory that the video be saved in an album since this is the only way that editing can be done.