How to Simulate Super Speed by Controlling Frame Rate

You can easily simulate super speed by controlling the frame rate of your video. This can either be done in camera or in an editing program. Both methods of obtaining super speed will give you practically the same results. 

Creating the Effect in Camera

You can only create super speed with your camera if it has the ability to change the recording frame rate. Normal video play back speed is 30 frames per second (fps). Super speed is created when you record something at a frame rate lower than that and then play it back at 30 fps. For example, if you wanted the speed of your video to be twice as fast as normal speed then you record the clip at 15 fps instead of 30 fps. When you play it back at 30 fps what was 2 seconds of real time when shooting will play back at 1 second in fast speed. 

If you record at 15 fps then you are going to be stuck with that high speed video. You could use the editing program to slow it down to twice its duration but the play back will not look like a 30 fps recording. This is because each frame in the high speed will be doubled to last for 1/15th of a second instead of 1/30th of a second. Your one second of video will be composed of really just 15 frames instead of 30 unique ones.

You can, however, make a super speed clip faster during editing by removing frames from it.

Creating the Effect in Post Production

Super speed can easily be simulated in any decent video editing program. A clip recorded at 30 fps can easily be made up to be just like a 15 fps clip. It's done by removing every other frame. If you have two seconds of video then that is 60 frames. If you make the video play back at high speed then you decrease the overall length of the clip. To make it play back twice as fast the video's new duration will have to be one second. This happens because every other frame gets removed from the original 60. 

Which One is Better

Unlike slow motion, this effect pretty much looks the same no matter which method you use to attain it. Super speed is all about having less than 30 frames happen with one second of real time. It doesn't matter if you take those frames away or just not record them.