How to Re-Edit DVD Discs

DVD Discs are a great alternative when it comes to storing large amounts of information. That is why they are better than CDs. There are techniques that allow users to re-edit DVD discs and their contents. Simply follow these steps to do it.

Step1: Choose a Software

If you want to edit your DVD discs, you need an editing software program with a moving editing tool. You can use the same ones that convert DVD to players and mobile phones. Install your program for DVD disc editing, and launch it. Import your DVD material, preview it and decide which part you will submit to editing.

Step 2: Cropping

Use the cropping tools from your editing program to crop your DVD content and select the areas you wish to keep. Skip this step if you want to keep everything in its original format.

Step 3: Effects

Use the Effects tools, such as Contrast, Brightness or Saturation, for basic content editing. For special effects, use software that allows video effects for your DVD disc content.

Step 4: Output

Choose an Output format from the drop-down menu such as mp3, mp4, AVI or any other format for your DVD content. After the steps above, click the Converter button, or the option to convert the optimized DVD content onto your PC or Mac.

Step 5: Aspect Ratio

Before you create your final output, you should also choose an aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3. This depends on your monitor or TV. For bigger display monitors, use a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Step 6: Template

You can also make use of your re-editing software and choose a template to apply it to the DVD discs. Click on the template type you want, and it will be applied to the disc.

Step 7: Menu Background

Next, you can set the menu background by clicking on the Media tab on the right of the interface, and switch to the Media window. Drag and drop you DVD disc's content in to the Drop Zone. Skip this step if you don't want a background picture or video on your menu.

Step 8: Add Content

Click the Add button on the left of the interface, select Add Movie, then simply drag and drop the movies or other content from the lower right panel into your DVD menu, one movie or media at a time. After you drag and drop the content, you can use the rename option to rename the movie or content.

Step 9: Sub-Menus

You can also add sub-menus and insert content to each sub-menu. By clicking the Structure button, you can preview the structure of your DVD discs and count the number of movies or content parts you have added up to that point.

Step 10: Burn the DVD

After adding your movies and content to your DVD discs, you can play them for a preview. If the preview is satisfying, you can start the burning process. To do this, click on the File menu and select the Burn DVD option to start burning your DVD discs.