How to Match Color Palette to Scene Themes

The color palette of your film is very important because it can give your film a unique look and feel. Different colors can make people feel differently. Colors are used extensively in advertising campaigns to try and encourage people to pick up certain products off the shelf. The right colors can also make it much easier to enjoy and watch certain movies. One of the major differences between professional and amateur films is often the choice of the color scheme.

When choosing the color palette that your film uses, it needs to match the rest of the colors in your production. By doing this, you can make your film look more professional than it would otherwise.

Step 1: Considering the Theme

The first thing that you should do is spend time thinking about the theme that you are using in your film. Certain themes will have different requirements for the dominant colors that are used. If you are filming a romantic film, for example, you will need to choose colors which look romantic and special.

Thriller or scary films will require the use of much darker colors. The theme is important when choosing the colors that you want to use. By considering this, it will be easier to create a professional looking movie.

Step 2: Choosing the Dominant Color

The next thing that you need to decide is the dominant color which is used in your film. There are many different dominant colors that you might want to use. The dominant color is the color that is the most important in the scene. By choosing the dominant color carefully, it will be much easier to make the scene themes have better quality.

Step 3: Choosing the Color Palette

Once you have chosen the dominant color, you will then need to use it to create the rest of the color palette. This is normally fairly easy as it's simply a matter of choosing complementary colors which will work well together. Select colors which suit each other by using a color wheel. You could also try mocking up various ideas on your computer to see how the different colors will work together.

Step 4: Designing Set Colors

The first thing you need to do is design the colors used for the set. These colors will need to be considered because they are the most noticeable. They will normally include the dominant color.

Step 5: Designing Costume Colors

With the color scheme used for the set designed, you can then start designing the costumes. These should use the same color scheme so that they complement the rest of the colors in the film.

The colors of makeup will also need to be considered, since this is a very important part of the costume designs.

Step 6: Taking a Look

You will never know how everything looks until you have seen it all together. Compose a sample scene and then take a photo or record a video. This will allow you to see how it will look when it's filmed for real.