How To Film Great Sports Stock Footage

Sports stock footage is often used to create sport documentaries or films that require specific actions or personalities to complete a film. Using this type of coverage is a great way to get professional footage without spending a lot of money on it.

Step 1: Choose a General Subject

When filming sports stock footage, it is important that you choose a general subject to shoot. Do not shoot a specific sports event or topic otherwise it can only be used in limited films or videos. The subject of your sports stock footage does not have to be the rare or the unique. Often times, you will find that the most common shot is the most popular. You must remember that stock footage is not used to give a visual representation of an actual event instead it is used to give a general or similar view of what is being discussed.

Step 2: Shoot the Sports Location

The first thing you should do when shooting sports stock footage is to shoot a wide shot of the sports arena or field. Often times, popular sports stock footage are shots of sports fields or sports locations. Make sure that you get like an aerial view of the field. To do this, go on the top most part of the arena and take your shot from there. Make sure that your camera will get the entire field and not just portions of the field.

Step 3: Shoot a Specific Sports Action

To give you depth and flexibility on the type and amount of sports stock footage, you can shoot specific sports actions. This means that you shoot athletes in action. However, take note that you should try to avoid shooting famous athletes or professional athletes as this can take away from the general view of what a stock footage should be. To shoot an athlete in action, keep the camcorder focused on the athlete. If the athlete is running, follow the movement of the athlete.

Step 4: Shoot an Audience's Point of View

You should also shoot from the audience's point of view. This is the easiest part of the shoot since you do not have to pretend or make any assumptions on what a viewer wants to see when looking at a sports video. To do this, shoot a wide shot of the athlete and the field or sports arena. Visualize what you want to see while watching a game.

Step 5: Shoot the Moving Shot

Sports stock footage is probably the best way to use a moving shot. When filming, always keep your video camcorder running. A moving shot for sports stock footage is great when you move your camcorder in the same movement and direction as the athlete.

Step 6: Shoot the Moving Sports Equipment

Once you have filmed the athlete in action, you also need to shoot the moving gear or equipment. This pertains to the baseball flying, the basketball moving towards the hoop or the golf ball flying to a hole. These are some general yet popular shots that are commonly used in sports films or videos. When shooting these types of shots, it is important that you keep the camera steady while moving it in the same direction as the object. Also, make sure to use mid shots for these types of shots.