How To Film Great News Stock Footage

Filming news stock footage is quiet easy if you know how to maximize the different scenes you encounter and stock photos you have in your library.

Step 1: Choose a Subject

When filming news stock footage, make sure that you have a general shot without using specific details. This is to avoid misleading the audience with false information. Remember that news is supposed to be current, relevant and truthful. So, when you shoot news stock footage, you should be able to use scenes or subjects that are general yet relevant. To do this, choose a subject that is a common news scene like a traffic scene.

Step 2: Research Your Subject

Focus on specific scenes which you feel are relevant to a news story. The best way to find relevance is to research different news broadcasts. You will notice that during a news broadcast, there are several shots where general scenes are shown. Often times, stock footage is used for this.

Step 3: Shoot Aerial Shots

One way to bring interest to your news stock footage is to shoot aerial shots. Aerial shots provide a general yet relevant scene. However, it is important to remember that your aerial shots should be relevant to a news story. Provide an aerial shot of city skyline or skyscrapers. If the news is about city crimes or even travel news, stock footage of aerial shots of the city skyline can be used.

Step 4: Shoot Transportation Hubs

You should also consider shooting transportation hubs where news is always brewing like train stations, bus stations, the airport or the subway. It is important that you capture the vibe of the transportation hub to make it more realistic and current. To do this, focus your video camcorder on oncoming transport while still capturing passengers getting on or off the transportation. It is advisable to use both mid shots and wide shots for this type of shoot.

Step 5: Use Mid Shots

Shoot mid shots for your news stock footage. Mid shots are the middle ground between a tight shot or focus shot and a wide shot. Generally, a mid shot is the point of view of a person (or what a person sees). If you choose a traffic scene as part of your news stock footage, then shoot a mid shot of the highway with vehicles moving towards your camera. This is much better than shooting vehicles away from the camera. Also, make sure that you shoot at a time where traffic is most congested.

Step 6: Use Wide Shots

Another important step when filming news stock footage is using the wide shot. A wide shot provides a general perspective or view of the scene at the same time, giving the audience the vibe or atmosphere of the entire scene without giving specifics. It is also important to remember that news stock footage should be easily recognizable. For example, if you shoot the Dulles International Airport, make sure that shoot a distinct feature of the airport so that the viewer can easily recognize it as Dulles Airport.