How to Animate Text in Showbiz DVD

This article will explain how to animate text using ShowBiz DVD. Showbiz DVD has come up with a way in which video editors and other interested users are able to animate their text in their videos. Animated texts are texts that have special effects that enable them to “come to life” or to move randomly in any direction. Animated texts improve the aesthetic value of the overall video, which makes it interesting to watch. Animated texts can be used to create attention in a video clip because the movement of words is amusing to the human eye.

Step 1: Log into ShowBiz DVD

This is done by opening the software that is installed in the computer. This can be done by either double clicking on the ShowBiz icon or right clicking on the icon and selecting open. Once logged into the software, there are options at the top of the interface which read file, edit, view, options, play, extras and help. Below the options are three main tabs, namely, capture, edit and create. Each of the tabs have their own different functions when it comes to video editing. For animating text, click on the edit tab.

Step 2: Editing Text

When you click on the edit tab, you will see a small window with 4 other tabs. These tabs, according to their order, are Media, Text, Transitions, Effects and Exports. The fifth tab appears once you start working on the video clip. Each tab has its own functions. The media tab is mainly used for browsing the albums that the user has, which are normally video and audio files. The file that is needed for text animation is selected from the files in the album, which once selected, appears on the right hand side of the interface. This is now the working area where you will be able to see the changes you make on the video.

Step 3: Click on the Text Tab

The Text Tab is meant for the modification of texts that appear on the video menu. There are 2 major options, namely Style and Effect respectively. The first thing to do is to click on the desired text that is needed in the working or preview area. There are various options in the tab such as font, color, size and even color. The options available are applied to the text according to the preference of the user. This is normally done according to the main theme of the video.

Step 4: Animating the Text

Once the color, font and size of the texts have been decided upon and the necessary amendments done, then you have the option of putting the text in motion. First of all, you will go the effects option which has a number of effects to choose from. Select the last option which is motion. Once you have selected the motion effect, you can then be able to choose the direction of the movement. Click on okay once you are satisfied with the work and save the project.