Half Speed Video: Teaching Movement

There are numerous benefits in showing parts of the video at half speed. One is that playing the video at a reduced speed or in slow motion induces a different set of emotions. It can help create a scarier or even more romantic ambiance. When it comes to sports or games, slow motion replays show an important moment, or present an athlete’s skill or style. One of the more popular reasons for using slow motion is to present dances or action shots. Scenes played in slow motion help emphasize certain movements and actions. It helps the audience better appreciate the steps and choreography whether it is a punch, kick or even a dance step

Half Speed Video Defined

Using slow motion has long been a filmmaking technique wherein time appears to have slowed down. It involves capturing each frame at a speed faster than how it is normally played. The technique is oftentimes also referred to overcranking, in reference to the traditional way of creating the effect. A camera with a handcrank was cranked faster than the normal twenty four frames a second. With more recent technology, the footage is instead played at a slower rate.

Making Movements Clearer

Learning a new skill takes time and patience.  The brain can absorb an immense amount of information, but only to a certain extent. It takes awhile for the brain to remember and for the body to be able to copy it. This is why the first few demonstrations and attempts are shown in slow motion. Videos played at half speed are helpful and beneficial during the preliminary stage of learning the move. The slow movements help dancers and actors remember their moves easier. As the video is played at a slower rate, the exact movements become clearer. It helps show the viewer the right angle and timing for each move, as well as the pattern, sequence or the arrangement of the moves.  

Achieving Better Awareness of Body Positions

Another benefit with dances or combat moves played and done in slow motion is that it allows the performer or actor to be better aware of her body position. With playing video at half speed and performing in slow motion, the instructor will be able to determine which parts need to be improved and adjusted accordingly. The process of correcting is essential. It enables the performer to do the moves as close to ideal as possible. The correcting process also helps the performer avoid injury by doing the moves accurately.

Mastering Movements

Playing video at half speed or slow motion may seem boring, but it gives the mind and body a greater amount of time to replicate what is shown on film. Once performers become better attuned with the movements, the sequence and timing, they will feel more confident with their moves. It starts with reproducing the movements from the slow video. As the slow movement is mastered, it becomes easier to reproduce quickly. Once the basics are mastered, then the dancer, actor or performer will be able to move on to more difficult moves or sequences.