Green Keying Together a Digital Scrapbook

A digital scrapbook is a wonderful way of displaying your photos, and by using green keying effects, it is possible to create interesting layouts. With a digital scrapbook, the images are laid out in a certain way on the page. You will need to choose the right colors for the background and other photos.

It's also important to spend time choosing photos which have a similar theme to be displayed together. Color schemes are very important because they make your scrapbook look much more professional and properly finished.

Step 1: Choosing Photos

The first thing that you should do is take a look through the different photographs that you have and decide which ones go together. Choose photos which were taken at a similar period of time and put them together. This makes it possible to put them on the same page if you want. You should also spend time choosing photos which have similar colors in them.

Step 2: Choosing Software

There are many different pieces of software which can be used to create these digital scrapbooks. You will need to spend time comparing all of the different types of software to ensure that you're choosing the right one for your needs. With the correct software, it will then be possible to start designing your scrapbook. There are also a number of online services which can be used to make online digital scrap books easily.

Step 3: Preparing Photos

When you have decided on the photos that you want to include, you should start scanning them into your computer if they're not already digital photos. If they are digital photos, then you should crop and edit them until they are the right size and the correct format. You might need to crop the photos to a certain ratio so that they can fit in the spaces you have available.

Step 4: Choosing the Colors

Once you have your photos ready, you then need to start green keying together and choosing a background color for the pages. It's important that this color suits the photos that you are including. You could, for example, choose a dominant color from one of the photographs on the page. A complimentary color could also be used as a way of making the page look more professional.

Choosing the colors will make your digital scrap book fit together much better than it would otherwise. A different background color can be chosen for each page, as long as the whole thing works properly together.

Step 5: Designing the Cover

Once you have finished designing the separate pages of the scrapbook, you can then design the cover. The colors used for the cover should suit many of the other colors used in the scrapbook.

Step 6: Publishing the Scrapbook

Once you have completed your digital scrapbook and you're happy with the color scheme, you can start publishing it. When you publish it, a html document will be created which makes it possible to send to other people. The scrapbook can also be uploaded to a website if this makes it easier.