Graduation Videos: Getting to the Good Part with Twixtor

Graduation videos are a very popular way for students to remember one of the most exciting days of their lives so far. Many students will keep these graduation videos forever, so that they have something to show the kids. Graduation is an exciting time, however, it can also be quite boring to watch on film.

While some parts of the ceremony might seem to drag on, there are other parts that can't be missed. To make this easier, it is actually possible to make sure that you get to the good part by using Twixtor. Twixtor is a professional plugin which can be used with lots of video editing applications including Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Pinnacle Studio.

Step 1: Downloading the Videos

The first thing that you should do is download the copy of your videos onto your computer. This is normally done by connecting your camera to your computer using either a USB or firewire cable. These are high speed connections, which make it possible to quickly download the videos to your computer where they can be edited.

Step 2: Opening the Video

Open the video up in the video editing application that you are planning to use. Depending on the size of the video you are loading, this might take some time to complete.

Step 3: Editing the Video

At this stage, you can edit the video and remove anything that you don't want. Start by playing the video back through your computer and taking a look at the results. Note down anything that you're not happy with and want to cut out of the video. If there are any parts that you don't like, then these can be removed pretty easily.

You can also apply effects and touch up parts of the video pretty quickly. Take a look at the different options available before you start to use Twixtor.

Step 4: Speeding up the Video

Although graduation is a very exciting day to experience first hand, it can actually be quite boring to watch back. Although it would be possible to cut all of the boring stuff out, this might damage the overall video. A much better way is to speed up the boring parts so that they take much less time to watch. This is very easy to do using Twixtor. The first thing you need to decide is where you want to start speeding the video up and for how long.

Step 5: Speeding up

Move the play back head to the position where you want to start speeding up by clicking in the right position. You should then click on the Effects Viewer Tab to speed up the video. Most of these settings can be left with their default values. Simply adjust the speed settings in percentage terms. For example, if you want to speed something up to play back at double time, then you can enter the percentage as 200%.

Step 6: Slowing Down

To choose where you want to resume normal speed, move the playback head again to where you want normal speed. Then, enter the speed in the Effects box as 100%.