Generating Perfect Oceans in Psunami

Psunami is a computer program that plugs in and can be used in conjunction with a camera. It can create advanced and detailed layouts of the surface of ocean waters and can consequently produce results that look very realistic. It is simple to install and use, and is relatively inexpensive. With this tool, it enables you produce results that look like real water. Whether you want still pools of water, or oceans with fierce waves, this is for you. This particular program has been used for numerous movies over time.

Step 1: Understanding Psunami Properties

Before you start using Psunami to generate your effects, you need to have a look at the options contained within the product. Whichever options you wish to select, whether it is rendering options or otherwise, you can do so by expanding each option group with the use of a scroll down arrow.

When you first install this plug in, the settings that are there by default are used. These will place the camera approximately 10 meters over the surface of the ocean water. Once you have changed properties, you will be able to return to the original settings at any point simply by pressing the reset button.

Step 2: Render Options

The options to render are very important when creating the exact scene you want to see. You can control these options accordingly in order to display you scene how you want. If you select water and air, then you will be able to change all the parts that make up the scene. By choosing just the air option, you can change just the light areas in the scene. If you want to change the appearance of the water or ocean, then the water only setting is the one to go for.

Step 3: Ocean Options

With the Psunami camera, you can control this and hover across the ocean surface to add to the realistic scene. You can also move under the water too if you want that effect. By setting the range of the view, you can see how much of the detail on the surface of the water is visible. The appearance of the ocean water is based on two factors. These are the color and brightness of the light that shines off the surface. Also, this is based on the color of the light that comes up from beneath the surface of the ocean.

Step 4: Air Options

The air selections for this plug in enable you to set how the sun reflects off the water. There is a blue sky that is set as the default, but this can be changed accordingly depending on how you want the light on the ocean.

Step 5: Animation

The other feature you can use when creating oceans with this product is the feature where you have the chance to fix the camera onto the surface of the water, and let it bob along with the waves, again making the scene more realistic. Additionally, you can add objects to the ocean such as boats that add to the special effects. This animation is easy to use and wind properties can also change the way the waves look. Overall, the Psunami plug in is fantastic for creating great ocean scenes that are realistic.