Fully-Linear Mask: Eliminate Hard Edges with Ultimatte Advantedge

A very powerful software program is available to graphic designers all over the world in the form of Ultimatte Advantedge. This cutting edge software has several features that help you composite images in just a matter of minutes, while retaining all their finer details like reflections, smoke, water and shadows and reduce or eliminate the hard edges to make the composite seem like an original piece of work. AdvantEdge is an advanced plug-in that can be used with several compositing software’s like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Auto Desk, Shake and much more. This step by step tutorial will take you through the details of how to produce a flawless composite with all of the hard edges eliminated or reduced.

Step 1: Install & Launch Your Software

What you need to do first is to install the software on your hard disk. All you need to do is click on the set up file and run through the installation program. Once you have done this, launch the host application and enable the Advantedge plug in. Select the project that you want to work on and the foreground image is displayed on your screen. You can toggle between the single panel view and the double panel view. Select the Screen option from the pop up menu and use the Sample Backing feature and select the important area surrounding the subject so that the image gets rendered and the new composite is ready.

Step 2: Eliminate the Hard Edges

Once you have the composite image with you can now perform the necessary changes to the composite. Enabling the Matte Correction mode allows you to access the various features like Roto Screen correction, Shadow processing, Matte density and other controls. Use the Screen correction technology to compensate for all the anomalies in the backing area of the composite like the smudges, unwanted shadows, uneven lighting and otters. What this technology presents you with is a synthetic clean plate using which you can eliminate all the anomalies. You can then use the Matte Density control on the image to eliminate the hard edges by adjusting the opacity or the density of the foreground object. What you need to do is select the Matte Density from the pop-up menu and you can use the various features like Brights to adjust the density of the bright objects, Darks to adjust the density of the foreground objects in a dark or glossy foreground. Take care not to use these control too much as they will cause the appearance of the hard and dark edges around the foreground objects. Finally, you can use the Shrink or Bias feature and shrink the matte so as to reduce or completely eliminate the hard edges in the image.

Step 3: Save Your Project

Once you have completed these adjustments on your composite image, select the OK button and this will cause the image to be rendered back to the host application. You can now save your project in the host application and enjoy your piece of work.