Enhancing Your Wedding DVDs using Twixtor

Creating wedding DVDs can be a great money earner for anyone interested in videography. If you want to make your videos stand out from the crowd, then you will need to learn how to use different techniques and plugins to improve the quality of your video. Wedding DVDs should be very special, as they help the happy couple to remember the most important day of their life. There are many plugins which can improve wedding DVDs; one of the best is Twixtor.

Twixtor is a useful plugin, which is used by amateurs and professionals alike. This plugin makes it easy to create all sorts of effects and make the DVD look as high quality as possible. Twixtor is available as a plugin for a wide range of different video editing applications, including Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid media composer and Apple Shake.

Step 1: Capturing the Footage

The first thing that you need to do is capture the footage which can then be used for the wedding DVD. This can be filmed on virtually any video camera, but make sure that it's set in the highest quality possible. You might also want to have more than one cameraman to ensure that every angle is captured.

With the video captured onto the camera, it should then be downloaded to your computer. This will normally involve connecting the camera to your computer using USB or Firewire. It is then easy to download the digital video files onto your computers hard drive, where they can then be edited.

Step 2: Opening the Video

Open the wedding DVD up in your chosen video editor, and ensure that Twixtor is installed and working correctly. At this point, you will be able to edit the video to cut out any parts of it that you don't want. Simply play the video back and decide exactly what you want to see and what you want to cut out of the DVD.

Step 3: Getting to the Action

If you started filming while the bride and groom are getting ready, then this can be a funny thing to include in the wedding DVD. However, it's also pretty boring so you won't want it to drag on for too long. A great way to do this is to use Twixtor to speed up the footage so that it plays at double speed. If you mute the sound and maybe play an audio track over the background, then this can create some interesting results. To do this, click on the Effects tab at the top of the screen, and adjust the speed setting to 200% (or the speed that you want to use).

Step 4: Slow Motion

Another great way that you can use Twixtor for wedding DVDs is to slow down certain parts of the video. To slow something down, move the play head to the start of the area that you want to slow down and then change the speed in the same way as above. Enter 50% to play the video at half speed. Then, click where you want normal playback to resume and enter the speed as 100% again.

Twixtor can help you to create some unique and interesting wedding videos which can then be burned onto DVD. The married couple will then have this video to enjoy for the rest of their lives together.