Editing Promotional Skateboarding Videos with Twixtor

Twixtor can be used to apply various effects to videos. This also makes it possible to create promotional videos for skateboarding. Promotional videos are designed to be easy to distribute on the Internet. This means that they need to be as small as possible. Twixtor can edit the videos to reduce the frame rate, which will make it much easier to create small videos (which can then be uploaded to the Internet or sent to other people).

By reducing the frame rate, you will also make it much less likely that your promotional videos will get shared with other people without your consent. This is because the quality of the video will be reduced. Twixtor can also be used to speed up the video so that you can get to all the action very quickly, without wasting too much time at the start or end of the video. You will also be able to cut out unwanted segments of the video easily.

Step 1: Capturing the Video

The first step is to capture your video. As you are filming a promotional video, you might want to adjust the frame rate and quality on your camera. However by doing this, you will limit yourself to only ever being able to use a low quality copy. A much more flexible way is to record in high quality with the best settings on your camera. Then, you can optimize it for promotion and Internet by using Twixtor to adjust the video frame rate, resolution and quality.

Step 2: Copying the Video

Once you have captured your video, it then needs to be transferred to your computer. This is done by connecting the camera up to your computer or by taking the memory card out and putting it into your computer. With the files copied to your computer, they should then be opened in the video editing package that you are currently using. As Twixtor supports virtually all well known video editing software, this shouldn't be difficult.

Step 3: Adjusting Quality

To make your video suitable for the Internet, you will need to adjust the quality and size of the video. The method of doing this will vary depending on the software that you are using. Normally, there will be the option to adjust the quality either at this step or when you come to export the video. This step is even more important if you are considering uploading your video onto the Internet.

Step 4: Adjusting Frame Rate

The frame rate is the number of frames per second. This is normally around 24 Frames per second. By reducing this to 10 or 15, it will be much smaller and more suitable for the Internet. It will also make it less likely for someone to be able to pirate your video. To do this, open the Effect viewer and set the output to Twixtorized. Then, adjust the frame rate by changing the FPS field.

Step 5: Speed Ramp

You can speed up the video to rush through unnecessary sections of the video. You can also slow it back down afterwards if you want. To do this adjust the speed settings in percentage terms. Then, move the play head to an area that you want to play at normal speed and enter 100% to play at normal speed.