DVD Photo Album: The New Time Capsule

A DVD photo album is an easy and inexpensive way to create a time capsule for loved ones to open and view in the future. It is always fun to tuck away memories and objects to have the surprise of opening them 20 or even 50 years in the future. With a DVD photo album in the place of actual objects and photos, you can rest assured that all the photos will be in excellent condition when the capsule is opened. Many times moisture and weather can cause damage to items or they simply might degrade. This is not the case with a DVD photo album.


Choose the photos that will be included in the photo album. The lovely thing about digital items is that you can still view them even after they are in the capsule. The capsule only contains copies. Choose photos that contain family members, or activities that you think might become dated. Including cars and homes in the photos is always fun to see in the future. 

Burn the DVD

Edit any of the photos as necessary and create descriptive titles. Adding these titles to the actual photos can make it much easier when opening the time capsule on the other end.  Burn the photos to DVD using a highly common format such as JPEG. The one danger is that the format might not exist in over 50 years. Therefore, choose a format that is used widely.


Make sure to put the DVD into a protective case, and make sure it is secure and cannot move about. A plastic DVD sleeve in a more structured pouch is best. Simply putting it in a DVD case is not enough, as the DVD can come loose and become scratched.  If there are other items in the time capsule, then wrap the DVD and its case in bubble wrap for additional protection.

Tucking It Away

Unlike other traditional time capsules, it is not necessary to put the DVD in a capsule and bury it in the backyard. Seal the DVD in an envelope and tuck it away. Put the envelope in a safe or a safety deposit box in the bank. Just make sure it is properly labeled so the envelope or package does not get thrown out when cleaning out the closet or drawer. Many times, addressing the envelope to yourself or a loved one to be opened on a specific birthday works well.


There are advantages of a DVD photo album over other more traditional forms of time capsules. The danger of traditional time capsules is that the items are no longer available since they are away. It can cost money to replace them and to find a sturdy container. There is no cost to making a DVD photo album capsule, as long as you already have the proper software.  This is an easy and fun way to create a time capsule.