Creating Text Images in ProAnimator

Proanimator can be used as either a standalone product or as an Adobe After Effects plug-in, which allows After Effects users to eliminate an extra step by keeping all of the editing in one program. 3D effects can easily be created with this program, including creating 3D text.

Step 1: 3D Text

Using 3D text can help focus someone’s attention to a certain section of a page or this type of text can be used for titles. With so many websites and blogs out there, it just adds another way for a site owner to get the attention of the large audience of web users.

3D text pops more from the page, giving it a bit of an edge over standard flat text. But, these effects should be used sparingly since it could become distracting or even annoying to an end-user if overdone.

Step 2: Beveling

ProAnimator also comes with over 100 beveling effects. Beveling gives the impression that the object’s edges have had pieces removed. It creates very hard edges and this helps give the text better definition. Since the goal of 3D text is to make the text more noticeable, adding some beveled edges could also help with this goal.

Step 3: Using the ProAnimator Text Feature

ProAnimator works with any type of Post Script Type 1 and Tru Type fonts and it will find all of these types of fonts that are already installed on a user’s computer. In the ProAnimator Text box, users can set the size of the font, spacing, kerning and leading. This box can also be used to set width scale, base shift and height scale. To do this, users can either type in the information or they can use the up and down arrows to change the sizing.

Also in this same box, users can designate the font that they would like to use and placement, including right-justified, left-justified, center or justified.

There is also a checkbox within this program to Create Whitespace Objects. This can be used to create shadows or similar effects behind words.

Once done, users can select OK to save the changes or cancel to undo the changes that were made.

Step 4: Changing the Font after Creation

The main standout feature of ProAnimator is the ability to manipulate the text during any stage of the production process and these changes will not affect the color, animation or modeling of the original text.

Basically, when the original version of the text is added into the promo, users can create up to 50 different versions of that original promo. This can be done by manipulating the text. And, these new versions will still have the same attributes, including text type, beveling, map placement and animation information.

The ability to create several different versions of the same text helps with the production process, especially if working on a large project that requires many revisions. Users can easily manipulate the text until they find the one that best fits the project or they can simply revert to the original version.