Correcting Color Reflection Using Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge is powerful software that is widely used to composite multi frame images and correct color reflection in just a few minutes. This software has the ability to maintain all the finer details like water, reflection, smoke and others while compositing flawless images. If you are busy working on a project where you need to composite images and correct the color reflection using AdvantEdge, go through the steps given below.

Step 1: Install & Launch the Plug-in

Install the advanced plug-in on your hard disk. Once you have completed the installation procedure, you can now launch the plug-in through any of the select host applications that it is compatible with like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Shake, Auto Desk and others. Once you have enabled the plug-in the host application, the plug-in now takes over the screen. Drag the image you wish to edit into the window.

Step 2: Composite Your Image

Select the area around the foreground image with the sample backing eyedropper to select the backing color. Once you have completed this action, the image gets rendered and your composite is ready. After the completion of this step, you can now proceed to make any other further adjustments to your image. The Matte Correction option allows you to access all the basic controls like the Film correction, Screen correction, shadow controls, clean up controls and color controls.

Step 3: Correct the Color Reflection

First select the roto screen correction control which helps fill in discrepancies in the backing area like smudges, reflections, variation in color and other anomalies. With the help of the synthetic clean plate that the software creates, you will be able to eliminate these anomalies. Once you have used this control, use the spill controls to scrub the areas which has excessive spill. The final control that you need to use to correct reflections is the Color conformance controls. A composite that is flawless requires that all the whites, gammas and blacks are matched between both the background and the foreground. To enable this control from the automation menu, select the color conformance tab and click on the match color dropper. Scrub the areas which have similar colors that are to be matched in both the background and the foreground. Select the points and click on the composite icon and the final rendered output is now available. In cases where the desired color has not appeared in the background, select the color from the palette and switch to the background view to have a better look at it and alter the tint.

Step 4: Save Your Project

Once you have completed this action and successfully corrected the reflections just click on the OK button and the final image is rendered to the host application. You can now save your project and sit back and enjoy the great images that you have composited using Ultimatte AdvantEdge.