Combining Multiple Frame Images with Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge allows you to combine multiple frames of images in supremely high quality and this is done automatically within minutes. It allows compositing of the subjects and the backgrounds seamlessly. Just follow these easy steps on combining multiple frame images with Ultimate Advantedge and you’ll be creating a great movie in no time.

Step 1: Get the Needed Images

Using just about any camera, take a series of pictures that will be combined as a video clip. If you want composited backgrounds, make sure that the area surrounding the subject is uniformly blue or green if you want to save yourself the trouble of cutting out unwanted details later. Since the Ultimatte Advantedge has a roto screen correction, you wouldn’t have to be too concerned.

Step 2: Load up Your Images

Start up the Ultimatte Advantedge program and load your images as a sequence. This way you can easily combine everything as soon as you want to, but if you want to edit first then you can choose from an array of helpful features within the software you are using.

Step 3: Correcting Color

Ultimatte Advantedge has an advanced color correction feature that helps the user to restore lost color, enhance color evenly or clean up the blocky details that sometimes appears in your pictures. It can automatically remove discoloration of foreground objects caused by the stage and clear all the spills from every area of infection as well. Place the background sequence in another layer underneath the subject sequence and observe the imperfection. If the subject’s colors seem to be off from the background, use the Ultimatte Advantedge color conformance feature. The colors can be automatically adapted to look precisely like either the foreground colors or the background colors. This is a very handy and helpful tool to have with this software if you want to make very convincing and realistic scenes.

Step 4: Combining the Images

When you are happy with the final outcome of how your movie looks, it is time to combine them and complete the sequence as a single video. In this process, Ultimatte Advantedge uses a very advanced way for compressing the images to make the video, making it of a high standard and quality and crystal clear as well. The program ensures the loss of pixilation. Technically, it is an image sequence that will be smooth and very crisp at the same time, unless of course you are after the old and aged look. Another great feature is the fully-linear mask, which keeps the movie from retaining the hard-edges of the images and it simply leaving the fine details of the images.

Step 5: The Final Product

Once you have finished editing your images and getting them ready to be compressed into a movie clip, save your file, then press play and enjoy your movie.