Choosing a Primary Monochrome Color for Your Film

When creating a monochrome set design or theme, you need to carefully choose the color that you want to use. Colors are very important because they make people feel a variety of different emotions. Colors have been used in marketing for years. These are a way to grab people's attention.

Colors can also be used to make your film much more interesting. Choosing the right color will also make your film look much better. If you are working with a normal film, then choosing the dominant or main color is very important. This is even more important in monochrome films.

Step 1: Thinking about Your Film

When deciding on the primary color that you want to use, it is important to think about the type of film that you are recording. Many different types of film will have monochromatic scenes in them. These might be still frames or short clips within the film. They are often used as something that's a bit different to make the film unique.

Monochrome is normally thought to be the same as black and white. However, this isn't necessarily the case. Any color can be used to create monochrome videos. Monochrome simply means one color. Rather than having shades or different colors, a single color is used for everything.

Different types of film will suit different colors better than others. A thriller film, for example, might work well with red. If there are any sad scenes or where people are looking back in time, then black might be suitable.

Step 2: Considering the Film

Once you have thought about the genre of film you are producing, you should think about the rest of the film. There will normally be certain colors which work better with others. If you struggle to understand the relationship between different colors, then you should use a color wheel to help you. Color wheels will make it easy to see complementary and contrasting colors.

It's important that the monochrome scenes work well with the existing video you have. This will make it much easier for your audience to watch your film.

Step 3: Designing the Scene

You now need to design the scene by recording it as normal. The editing will be done on the computer to turn it into monochrome video. By doing this, you always have the original video available just in case you decide against using a monochrome scene.

Step 4: Testing

Test record the scene and convert it into monochrome using your computer. The beauty of using the computer to do this stage is that you can experiment with different colors easily. This means that you can easily choose a number of different colors that you think you might want to use. Experimenting with all of these different films will make it simple to get the best look for your film.

Step 5: Editing

When the film is completed, you will then need to edit everything together. This needs to be done carefully so that everything fits together nicely and the whole project looks professional.