Choosing a Color Palette for Your Film

Choosing the color palette for your film will make it look much more professional. The color palette or color scheme is the collection of colors which are used in your video to add interest to it. This is one of the biggest differences between professional and amateur films. By choosing the color palette carefully, it will be much easier to make sure that your film looks as good as it possibly can.

Learning about color palettes can be very complicated because it's more of an art than an exact science. If you are not sure which colors work well together, then you need to read this article. Throughout this guide, you will learn how to choose the best colors.

Step 1: Understanding the Color Scheme

The color scheme is very important for your video as it combines the colors included in the scene. The colors are used in the background, clothing, props, scenery and the makeup. Everything in your scene will have a color, and it's important that these work together well.

Step 2: Deciding on the Color Scheme

It is important to decide on the color scheme that you want to use for your video before you even pick up a camera. This is important because it will make producing the video much easier. You must also stick to the color schemes you have decided on when you produce your video.

By sticking to the chosen color scheme, it will be much easier to create a seamless and professional looking film.

Step 3: Choosing the Background

The first thing that you need to do is choose the background and scene colors. This is important because everything else will be based around this. Try to choose one dominant color that you want to use. Try to avoid filming against a flat white wall because this will cast strange shadows which will interfere with the quality of the video. If you really must use a white wall as the backdrop, then you shouldn't use harsh lighting. Use a diffused light to try and minimize the shadows as much as possible.

Step 4: Choosing the Prop Colors

Next, you need to choose the colors of props. Choose a complementary color with the background. This is exactly the same as when decorating a room. Try to make everything fit and work together well.

Step 5: Choosing the Costume Colors

If you are able to control the clothing that you use in your film, then these should also complement other colors used in other parts of the film. This will make it much easier to create a professional looking film.

Step 6: Choosing Makeup Colors

Costumes also include makeup. You should choose the makeup colors so that they also complement the costume, scenery and props. This can be a difficult feat to master, which is why you might want to hire an art director to handle this for you. If you can do it yourself, though, you will find it very rewarding.