9 Ways to Fix Blue Screen Problems

Blue screen problems are a common thing in the digital world. For designers and video-makers who want to create special effects, but stumble upon blue screen problems, there are a few solutions out there. Here are some tips and advice to follow when using blue screen plug-ins.

1. License vs. Freeware 

It may cost a little more, but it is important that you buy your software and not use freeware. Freeware-based products are usually pirated software, and they may crash when you most need them to work. So, if you want to prevent blue screen problems, use fully-working products and software.

2. Using Photoshop 

For standard problems, you can use Adobe Photoshop for removing or fixing. Photoshop includes features that allow you to cut, move, replace, add masks and work with chroma keys. It moves slower than other software, but it is the classic way of fixing blue screens.

3. Using Primatte 

For simple blue screen problems, you can use the Primatte software. This software is easy to use and it involves a simple process. You just need to select the blue screen image, replace the background and add a final touch and view results.

4. The Chroma Key Technique 

Chroma keys are single colors that can be substituted with new images. The chroma key technique makes it possible for people and objects to be placed into imaginary situations, by making the final output appear completely realistic. Blue screen techniques can create scenes using live video sequences combined with static backgrounds.

5. Designing Backdrops

You can design your own backdrops for digital backgrounds using a backdrop designer program. You can choose from pre-made digital backdrops or customize you own. Use software to create resolution-independent backdrops. This way, you can be sure there will be no blue screen problems.

6. Texture Filters 

Texture filters have often been used in photography and graphic design. You can create textures and borders, ranging from realistic to organic, or design-appropriate images. These filters are also found in blue screen plug-ins.

7. Special Effect Generators 

Special effects generators reduce the blue spills that may form due to blue screen effects. They are also known as “Switchers” in US or “Vision Mixers” in Europe. These modern generators can integrate the screen into the set design and accommodate multiple camera sources, such as RGB or SDI video inputs.

8. Fluid Mask Software 

Another successful way to resolve blue screen problems is to use Fluid Mask software. It offers great features, such as visual image segmentation, advanced edge blending, specific patch technology and a stored workspace setting. Users get fantastic faster than ever results.

9. Power Mask 

Power Mask is another software that helps users in modifying backgrounds and inputs. It is a real-time, interactive tool capable of object extractions and background manipulation. Using advanced masking capabilities, fine detail, hair enhancements and smart mask refinements, it is a powerful tool that deals great with blue screen problems.

Blue screen problems can be avoided from the start if you check for compatibility. Your creative design software should be compatible with plug-ins or other software used in blue screen technique.