5 Reasons to Use the VR Format

VR format is one of the latest formats for digital video. There are many benefits to using this format over other more traditional digital video formats. Ultimately, in VR format, the movie can be edited directly from the disc. It is not necessary to capture the footage, import it into the program, do editing and then burn to a disc. VR format can work directly on the disc, which is the latest technology for video editing. Here are 6 reasons to use the VR format:

1. Edits

All edits can be done directly on the disc. This is the only format in which it is possible to add content, remove content, add and customize menus all on the disc. This is a very convenient and easy way to edit movies. 

2. Space

Because all edits can be done on the disc, a separate hard drive is not needed to import the movie, perform the edits and then export the movie. Video editing can take up a lot of room, but any editing that can be done in VR format will not require any hard drive space at all. It is all done on the disc.


This format can be used on DVD rewritable discs. The discs can be used over and over again. Add video from a vacation onto the DVD RW. Then, when you take another vacation, add on additional footage at a later date. This is a great way to use up as much of the disc space as possible. Be economical and use the entire disc instead of having to waste plenty of usable space.

4. Software & Hardware

There are several software programs that can edit and export video footage in the VR format. This type of format is frequently used with DVD recorders. Such technology is found with TV recorders where it is possible to record many different shows without needing to change discs. Eventually all DVD burners will be able to burn and use DVD VR formats.

5. Few Limitations

There are only a few limitations with VR format. After deleting a scene, new footage cannot be added directly to this new open space. The storage space on the DVD will not immediately increase when content is deleted. It is necessary to defragment the DVD to be able to add new content. This also has 2 different types of VR. DVD+VR can be played on all types of DVD players, but DVD-VR can only be played on DVD-RW compatible devices and not standard DVD players. Currently it is not possible to do any color correction or add effects to the movie. The content would need to be imported into the software, edited and then added back to the disc.

The above details many of the reasons to use this format. As a whole, this format makes editing very easy if you just want to create a movie after all main effects editing has been finished, or change the content of the disc and add menus and chapters to the disc. There are still limitations to the format, but it offers a lot for individuals who want to use the format for home movies.