5 Ideas for Using Wild Animal Stock Footage

There are several things wild animal stock footage is used for. This stock footage is often used in a variety of ways from commercials to TV broadcasting. If you have a lot of wild animal stock footage available, but do not have any idea where to use it, below are some great ideas you can use.

1. School Projects and Presentations

Stock footage is not just for big budget advertising projects, commercials or films. You can also use it for several projects that may not be broadcasted nationwide. You can use wild animal stock footage in your reports, school projects or any presentations. You can use it to as is, as an informational video, or as a background to another subject matter. You can use it for any reports about wild animals and their natural habitats. This stock footage can also be used as scenes for a video production or movie project you are doing.

2. Home/Personal Videos

One great way of using wild animal stock footage, other than using it as an advertising or marketing tool, is to incorporate it in your home videos. Your home videos do not have to be just what you actually shoot. You can include your video stock footage to make it look like a real movie with a storyline. You can even include it in your home videos as a gift for someone who loves animals or likes to travel. For example, a friend or family member who always wanted to go to Africa, but cannot seem to find the time to go.

3. Public Service Announcements/Campaigns

You can also use wild animal stock footages in public service announcements, particularly if you belong to an organization that cares for the welfare of animals. The organization does not have to a huge or nationwide like PETA. You can create your own and have it shown in public libraries, schools or community centers as an awareness campaign. Nowadays, more and more independent filmmakers use stock footage to complete their videos, making it easier for them to create a presentation.

4. Music Videos

Wild animal stock footage is great for creating music videos. Every one knows how expensive the production of a music video is. Well, by using stock footage, you can greatly cut your expense. This is especially important if you are a new music video creator or filmmaker. You no longer have to spend so much money for scenes where you need shots of different wild animals. The music videos do not only have to be about a specific song or artist.

5. Travel Documentaries

One of the best ideas for using wild animal stock footage is for travel documentaries. Often times, documentaries incorporate wild animal stock footage into their videos to set the tone of the video. They also use this type of stock footage if they want to promote the place. Wild animal stock footage is also beneficial for locations where there are a lot of wild animals and a filmmaker would like to inform the viewers of the different animals living there.