4 Video Editing Tips for Twixtor

Twixtor is a new plugin used in the editing process of images and movies, which can be slightly complicated, but the following video editing tips will simplify everything for you. Compatible with certain Adobe and Apple software, this application allows you to perform video editing. Using Twixtor, you can edit videos by speeding them up, slowing them down and making the images go backwards. The steps below are a few editing tips that will help you in the video editing process.

1. Keep Constant Speed Using Frame Rate Conversions

A frame rate conversion involves matching a certain number of frames/second. When performing a frame rate conversion, you can keep the original speed of the video or modify the speed as well. A 1-to-1 map frame involves a speed change. To keep the speed constant, you must create a new composition using After Effects; click it and change the Output. Then, go back to Twixtor and change the Output as well to synthesize the frames.

2. Add Motion Blur

If you wish to make your video more interesting, Twixtor comes in with a motion blur option. A motion blur effect modifies the frame by slowing it down. Instead of looking sped up, the frame looks slowed down. All you need to do is go to the motion blur composition beneath your video and adjust the amount you want to add to the footage. You can add from 1 unit up to 10 units, according to your needs.

3. Add a Speed up Effect

Twixtor allows you to add a speed up effect. Check the source material to find out the frame speed calculated in frames/sec. This can be done automatically, or you can do that manually by simply right-clicking on the Source and selecting Interpret Footage->Main. This way, you can manually change it to Upper Field. Start a new composition, and drag it to the “New Composition” icon. Then, go to the right menu, click “Effects and Presets” button, type and select Twixtor.

Check in the effects controls. For a speed up, you can use default settings. Check Display for Twixtored Output and Input Fields to Upper Field First, in your left-side menu. Check for the correct frame rate, which has to be the same as the original composition. Change the speed in the Time Remap Mode menu, by using speed or frame number. Enter the speed time you wish to multiply in the “Speed %” box and see the results.

4. Add a Slow down Effect

Twixtor also allows you to add a slow down effect on your video. Modify the original footage by making it look longer, using After Effects. Again, start a new composition, drag it to the icon, click “Effects and Presets” on the right menu, type and select Twixtor. Look into the effects controls. Check Display for Twixtored Output and Input Fields to Upper Field First. Check again for the correct frame rate, and change the speed by selecting the Speed or Frame number. As listed above, enter the speed you wish this time to drop down in the “Speed %” box. Adjust the length of the original composition to fit the new one to avoid a black frames effect.