4 Most Useful Final Cut Plugins

There are several Final Cut Plugins available online, which are available for free or a small fee. The user can choose to add plugins to the software and customize how the program functions. Plugins for video editing programs make it easier for the user or editor to create effects, transitions or titles for his video or repair existing issues. Here are some of the most useful plugins available on the market for this non-linear software program.

1. Lyric’s Final Cut Effects

Lyric’s set of effects for Final Cut is composed of 50 effects and fillers. Included in the set of plugins are 15 matte fillers, masked effects and special effects. The matte fillers create and edit matte effects, to fit the editor’s need. Also included are updated versions of default Final Cut filters and effects. These can be revised by the existing alpha-chanels or matte filter. There are also 30 other special effects and filters which can be used for adding stylized effects or correcting images. More advanced effects and filters include creating sketching and watercolor effects.

2. Motion Tracker

Videos taken without any form of tripod are often shaky. The Motion Tracker plugins collection makes it easier for editors to stabilize shaky shots, including a variety of other effects. By default, included with Final Cut Pro is a plugin which attempts to stabilize shaky video. The stabilizer included on this collection is different, as it has the ability to track and lock onto a point regardless of how erratic its movements are. In addition, the plugin allows the editor to zoom into one area of the stabilized video. Also included in the set is a tool which can distort parts of the image or video to make them unrecognizable. This tool is handy when covering driving plates or people’s faces. Other tools include inserting image into the project as well, as creating a garbage matte.

3. Repair Collection Version 1.0

This is considered a convenient yet essential tool for video editors. It allows the editor to easily and quickly repair specific problems with video by removing issues such as noise, dust and scratches. One handy tool also included in the set is the dropout eliminator, which repairs existing dropouts and burns by using info or content from succeeding and preceding frames. For this to work, a similar frame must exist near the frame that requires repair.

With old videotapes or shooting with low resolution, dead pixels are common. In most cases, the footage is unreparable and becomes useless. The Dead Pixel plugin tool repairs dead pixels and spots, to a maximum of 16 pixels up and across.  

4. Clone and Paint Collection

This particular collection is made up of 13 plugins which have the capacity of copying content, enhancing color, as well as distorting images. The Clone tool allows the editor to copy content, overlaying on areas that need to be repaired. Other tools included in the set control the brightness, contrast and gamma levels, correcting the colors of the image or video. This collection is compatible with all existing and previous versions of Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.