3 Tips For Being a Good Steadicam Operator

Being a good Steadicam operator is not too hard to do. When you are operating any Steadicam model, it is important that the vest be properly attached to your body and that you remember to walk normally. When using a Steadicam handheld model, you need to know your hand positions to be a good operator.

1. Ensure Proper Hand Positions

When you are using a handheld Steadicam model, you can hold your Steadicam with one or two hands. It is recommended that you always hold your Steadicam with two hands, as you will get the most precise shots with this hand position. If you must hold your Steadicam with one hand, remember to keep your thumb and index finger on the guide at all times.

2. Walk Normally

The way you walk impacts the performance of your Steadicam. When you are operating a Steadicam, you should always walk normally. Your knees should never bend while you are operating a Steadicam. You want your arms to do all of the work. To ensure that you get a clean shot, maintaining good posture is critical, as well. When you need to move, allow your camera to move first, and then walk with your camera.

3. Properly Adjust the Vest

If you are going to be wearing your Steadicam for hours at a time, it is very important that the vest be properly adjusted and that you be comfortable with the vest. If you are uncomfortable the entire time, your performance will suffer. The shoulder pads of the vest should be pressed up right against your shoulders and your chest pads should fit tightly against your chest. To keep your Steadicam from moving, the hip pads on the vest should not be tightened until the shoulder and chest pads are in place.