Why to Avoid a Safe Color Palette

When creating a video you will have the option of choosing to use a safe color palette or using something much more adventurous. It's always important to try and make your video as appealing as possible which is why you should push the boundaries and make the video much more interesting. Choosing the colors to use can add a lot to your video. The correct colors can make your videos stand out and look much more special.

Choosing the color palette can be confusing. This is even more noticeable if it's your first time creating a video and deciding on these technicalities. The colors might not be instantly noticeable when watching a movie, however, your subconscious will pick up on them and they tell you a lot about a film.

Step 1: The Importance of Color

The first thing that you will need to do is understand why color is so important. Color is around us everyday and so it's something that many people fail to notice. When watching a film you might not think you are picking up on the colors. However, you are noticing them and they are actually telling you a lot about the scene without you realizing it.

It's important that you get the colors just right in the scene to get the right message across. Colors can make your viewers feel a sense of joy or sadness. They can also be calming or irritating.

You will need to choose colors carefully whatever you are doing. If you are decorating your home then the correct color combination is vital. In the same way colors are important when filming a video.

Step 2: Choosing Colors

The colors that you choose for your set need to work together well and be complimentary. If they do not look right together then they will make your video look unprofessional. It might be the case in real life that the background often clashes with a person's clothing but this won't work in a video.

Normally you will need to choose one or two dominant colors that will run throughout your scene. The dominant colors are the most important and common colors in the picture.

Step 3: Choosing Costumes

Unless you are filming a documentary the clothes that your actors wear are normally under your control. This means that it's possible to choose colors of costumes which are complementary with props and the decor of your set. This will help everything to work much better together.

Step 4: Designing Decor

If you are filming indoors on a stage then you will be able to control the decor and color scheme of the set. Choose colors that work well with the rest of the colors in the scene. This will make the video much easier on the eyes.

Colors are extremely important because they make it possible to tell your viewers a lot about the scene without actually communicating. The color is very useful to tell a story.