Why Film Festivals are a Great Distribution Idea

Film festivals are a great distribution idea. In most cases, the entry fee for entering a film festival is minimal. If your film is selected to appear in a film festival, your film will be shown to thousands upon thousands of people within a few days to a week. Film festivals also put a lot of money and effort into marketing, which means your film can get local, regional and even national attention for free. There is no better way to show the world your film than to enter a film festival.

Movie Screenings

Film festivals attract people from all over the world. For example, over 50,000 people attend the Sundance Film Festival. The low entry fee that you will pay to enter a film festival is more than worth the exposure that you will receive if your film is accepted into a film festival. Many movie producers, movie directors and talent agents attend film festivals in the hopes of discovering the next big film producer or director. If you were trying to distribute or market your film on your own, you would have a very difficult time getting 50,000 or more people to watch your film within a short time period.

Press Releases

As previously mentioned, film festivals put a lot of money into their marketing campaigns. In the months, weeks and days leading up to a film festival, film festivals will send press releases out to local, regional and national media contacts. The press releases that are sent out will, in most cases, contain the names of the films that will be featured in their festival. Given the huge popularity that surrounds film festivals, the name of your film could be read by millions of people across the world.

Internet Marketing

While it varies by film festival, most film festivals will place logos for the films that they are screening on their website. After the festival has ended, that logo may turn into a hyperlink that will allow people to view your film directly from the film festival's website. The exposure that you can receive through a film festival via Internet marketing is endless. For example, during festival time, the Cinesol Film Festival receives more than 5,000 unique hits per day. That is 5,000 people per day that could be reading about your film. Many film festivals also have email mailing lists that are used to send newsletters out about the film festival.


If your film was to win an award in a widely recognized film festival, the doors that would open up for you are countless. Being able to market yourself as a film producer who has won an award at a film festival is a major plus for you. The film industry is a very competitive industry, so being able to say that you have won a film festival award puts you one step ahead of anybody else that is trying to break into the industry.