Why a Light Intensity Meter Is Important

A light intensity meter is a very useful device for anyone taking photos or recording videos. While a light meter isn't essential, it will make recording professional quality videos much simpler. By using a light meter, you can be sure that the results will be much better than without.

What Is a Light Meter?

A light meter is a clever little device which measures the light intensity in the scene. This has a small plastic dome on top which measures the light intensity. Aiming the meter at an object and pressing the trigger will give you information about the light and also tell you the ideal settings for your camera.

Why Use a Light Meter?

It would be possible to adjust the settings on your camera without a light meter. Using a light meter, however, makes things much easier and also saves a lot of time. This way, you will know that the camera is set up correctly without needing to experiment with trial and error.

Professionals use light meters whenever they are recording videos because the results are so accurate. They are much easier to use than looking at a scene by eye and trying to determine the brightness. As soon as you get your first light meter, you will discover just how invaluable they are.