Where to Attend Documentary Film School

Documentary film school is rare; these schools are often categorized in the same group as other film schools. However, that does not mean that art and media universities do not have the degree programs available for students who wish to learn specifically about this branch of the film making industry.

Documentary filmmaking requires students to understand, not only about basic film making techniques, but also about every single aspect of the subject they are documenting. This would include the subject’s historical, cultural and social backgrounds, in addition to the various techniques used in the film making industry--in particular the documentary film making industry.

Three of the best documentary film schools’ degree programs are described as follows.

The Documentary Center at George Washington University (GWU)

Location: The George Washington University, Washington DC
Program Duration: Six Months

Regarded as one of the best documentary film schools in the United States, the Documentary Center at GWU has been providing students with a solid foundation of history and theory for the past 20 years. The six month long program has developed and shaped the thinking and ideology of would-be documentarians to come up with ever innovative ways to produce great documentaries for film and television.

Stanford University: Documentary Film and Video

Location: Stanford University, Stanford CA
Program Duration: Two Years

This two year Master’s of Fine Arts program at the Documentary Film & Video School affords students the very best of documentary filmmaking, as it starts with the very basics and goes all the way to teaching them about how to become master film makers.

New York Film Academy’s Documentary Filmmaking Conservatory

Location: 100 E. 17th Street, New York NY
Program Duration: One Year

Although it is one of the newest documentary film programs in the US, the documentary film school at the New York Film Academy offers a practical approach to filmmaking. In addition, there are presentations given by professional documentary film makers to teach their concepts and how to apply them in the field.