What to Look for in Film Directing Schools

The right film directing schools can prepare and equip you for a demanding career. The school you choose can launch your Hollywood career. Here's what you should be looking for in a film directing school:


The location of the school is of utmost importance due to the scope of leering and available projects. Ideally, the school should be in Hollywood, but can be in any of the world’s film making capitals like New York, Mumbai, Vancouver or Cannes. Advances in digital products and film making technology have made it possible to make movies almost anywhere in the world.

Strengths and Focus

You need to decide what part of filmmaking, other than directing, you would like to concentrate on. Some schools are stronger in screenwriting, while others may be highly focused on postproduction. Conduct research and decide on the schools whose strengths match your focus areas.


A faculty that is connected to the industry can get you some hands-on work that is essential for your learning. You should find out about the school’s industry connections. Also, ask if the school offers outside classes to enhance your actual skills with the camera.

Career Service Programs and Internships

Enquire about the school’s industry contacts and alumni. You should have some concrete experience and good contacts once you graduate from the school. This is essential to landing a job with a studio.

It also helps if the school has some big names in its alumni. This invariably results in excellent alumni support for the Alma Mater and results in strong placement and internship opportunities.