What to Look for in a Location Scout

One of the most critical members of a modern day film making crew, a location scout is an individual who goes out in the field (outside the studio) and looks for places and locations that best resemble or suit the aesthetic needs of the scriptwriters, producers and directors. Location scouts are vital in the preproduction stages of a film, as they are the ones responsible for acquiring the right kind of information about the sites that are necessary to shoot a film. A film production team should look for the following qualities in a location scout when choosing the best individual or firm that should be responsible for such activities.

Someone Who Can Meet Your Requirements

Being able to find the right kind of location that fits your creative requirement is the most important responsibility of a good location scout. He should be able to find the locations that meet the requirements of your script and have all the amenities necessary to shoot your film. That includes having suitable parking space, proper power resources and natural lighting, in addition to determining law enforcement requirements amongst other things.

Someone with a Strong Business Network

Location scouting is all about being able to find and talk to the people and businesses that own a particular space where you wish to shoot your film. A good location scout should be able to not only find the places that fit with the creative needs of your film, but should also be able to talk to the people in charge and secure the premises for filming purposes.

Someone Who Works Well with the Producer

It is the primary function of a producer to negotiate with the owners of a premise, in order to secure it as a location for the film. However, he must also be able to work with the location scout on how best to approach these owners, and manage the availability of a particular location with the limited amount of resources available to him.