What Does a City's Film Office Do?

A city's film office is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about filming in that particular city.


The film office will provide you with all the permits you will need to film within the city. To get the permit most cities will require an application, proof of insurance naming the city as insured and a fee.


The office can tell you the detailed policies on filming in various locations including the different requirements for filming on a sidewalk as opposed to filming at a private residence.


The film office can give you an idea of the types of venues that you can film at in the city.


The film office can provide you with local crews and talent that could help with your production.


Many cities offer tax credits and other incentives for filming within their city. The city film office can tell you if any such credits or incentives exist and if so what the criteria is to qualify for them.


The film office also provides film festivals, readings and meetings for the general public. They should also have a listing of local film schools and organizations.


You will be able to get the contact information for all necessary departments.