Using a Steadicam in a Chase Scene

A Steadicam is a great way for shooting chase scenes. Those scenes involve actors running, and a Steadicam allows the camera to run with them. It's a tool that enables smooth camera movement without using a dolly or a crane. Yes, you could shoot a chase scene with a handheld camera, but that's going to create some very shaky footage that an audience most likely isn't going to like.

Movement with a Steadicam

What makes a movie different from a photograph is that it's based on movement. A locked-off shot of a character running is interesting, but a shot with the camera running with the character is even more interesting. It raises the stakes for the viewer and pushes the pace of the scene, which makes it more intense. Of course, the chase scene needs to be well written with great actors in order for it to work, but that can only take it so far. You need to have well planned shots with camera movement in order to enhance it and bring it up to a level all its own.

Cost and Time Efficient

Cranes and dollies require a large crew. They're expensive to rent and take awhile to set up. Meanwhile, with a Steadicam, all you need is one guy, the Steadicam operator. He wears a vest that the Steadicam attaches to, and all he need to do is walk with the rig to get the shot. It's that simple. If you're on a tight budget and schedule, but want camera movement, then Steadicam is the way to go.