Unique Features of a Hybrid Hitachi Video Camcorder

If you are considering buying a new Hitachi video camcorder then you will need to consider their hybrid models. These hybrid Hitachi video cameras are unique and have a number of useful features. You will need to research these features so that you can choose the best camera for your needs. While these hybrid camcorders are slightly more expensive than other models, these advanced features are sometimes worth paying extra for.


The hybrid video cameras use a hard drive and DVD discs to store videos. Hard drives can lose data if they are dropped or shocked. The hybrid Hitachi video cameras feature built in protection. They have ESP (Extra Sensory Protection) and internal foam bumpers which protect the delicate drive.


Hybrid Hitachi video cameras have a built in 8 GB hard drive and a DVD burner. This makes it possible to record the video without needing any additional disks. You can also use a DVD disk to watch the video back on your television.

Quick Start

These hybrid cameras feature the revolutionary 1 second quick start feature. This makes it very easy to start using your camera as soon as it is switched on. Because of this there's no need to wait for your camera to boot up and start working.