Understanding Camera Bandwidth

Anyone who is using a web cam or IP camera will need to understand exactly what camera bandwidth is and why it is important. It's essential that you have plenty of bandwidth available so that your video can be recorded in high quality without suffering from any transmission problems. IP Cameras in particular are very useful because these work using your existing network infrastructure. If there isn't enough bandwidth, however, it can cause problems.

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a computer term and simply means the amount of data which can be transmitted through one channel. If there isn't enough bandwidth available, then the video from the camera won't be recorded correctly.

IP Cameras

An IP Camera is a useful form of security camera. These connect to your network either through a wired connection or wireless connection. The advantage of these is that you will be able to install a camera easily without needing to add any extra wiring. The video footage can then be recorded on any computer or server in your network.

Using Your Camera

If you are using an IP camera or web cam, then you need to have plenty of bandwidth available. If there isn't enough bandwidth, then this will cause problem with the video stuttering when it should be recording. If the videos freeze up, then this means that there isn't enough bandwidth available. When using an IP camera, you can monitor the bandwidth in your network. This can be done using the internal web site hosted in your camera. This can be accessed in any browser and then used to look at the network use.

Network Bandwidth

Anyone with a local area network (LAN) will have a limited amount of bandwidth available. If you need more, then you could install higher speed switches and hubs. The wiring could also be upgraded with faster cable. Using Fiber Optic networking, for example, will provide you with a lot of extra bandwidth. You might need to hire a professional to do this if you're not capable of upgrading the network yourself. Alternatively, you could install a dedicated network connection for your IP camera.

Internet Bandwidth

If you intend to stream the videos over the Internet, then the Internet bandwidth will also be important. This includes using a web cam to talk online. If there isn't enough Internet bandwidth, then you will find that the video breaks up and is a much lower quality than normal. You can check your Internet bandwidth by searching on the Internet for an Internet speed calculator. Most broadband connections will be good enough to upload video with. If you need more bandwidth, then you would need to talk to your Internet company.

It can be very confusing to learn about bandwidth and why it is such an issue. If you are having trouble with web cameras, then this could be due to a lack of bandwidth. You could also try stopping other application sharing applications on your computer. Another option would be to scan your computer for viruses or spyware which can steal bandwidth and cause the same problems.