Top Two Schools to Study Film Production

If you want to study film production then you should know which are the best schools to go to. As you might know, Los Angeles and New York City are the two largest film production centers in the United States and each one has a film school that is either considered the best in the nation or the second best depending on which survey you're looking at. 

University of Southern California

USC includes such prestigious alumni like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. If you want to go to school on the west coast then this is the place to be. With its large assortment of classes taught by many industry professionals students can expect an intensive education in film. Some of their programs include "Film and Television Production," "Writing" and "Business of Entertainment."

New York University

If California isn't your scene then NYU is an excellent film school to consider. The school boasts alumni like directors Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Ang Lee. In the Tisch School of the arts NYU's Film and Television program is located. Here students can take intensive classes on writing, directing, acting and production.


Both of these schools are private universities located in major cities which means they have expensive tuitions and the housing nearby is also expensive. In addition to that, students also have to finance their productions as well. You'll get a great film education in these schools, but it comes at an expensive price.