Tips for Entering Video Contests

Having your video featured in video contests is a great way to show off your film to large audiences. Many video contests even offer cash prizes. Here are a few tips that will enhance your chances of winning a video contest.

Know the Rules

Generally speaking, video contests have a complex list of rules and regulations. If you do not follow the rules exacly, it does not matter how great your film is, you won't be accepted. Not following the rules is a great way to have your video automatically rejected by the video contest. Most video contests will have guidelines for how long a video can be and in which format the video has to be in. When you are filling out the application form, be sure to pay close attention to application deadlines and fees. Not all video contests will accept a credit card, so you need to find out what forms of payment are acceptable. Most video contests do not want you sending any sort of promotional materials with your video, so always be sure to check on that, as well.

Pay Attention to Audio Quality

Even though you are entering a video contest, the audio quality of your video still matters. The people who are judging a video contest are not interested in watching a film that has poor audio quality. It is always a good idea to play your video on a few different DVD players so that you can see if the quality of the audio differs at all. As a side note, when you enter a video contest, you may be required to provide proof of copyright for any audio that you have used in the video.

Do Not Use Menus

Most video contests will require that you submit your video on a DVD. Do not include menus on your DVD, unless the guidelines for the video contest that you are entering specifically require them. Video contests typically receive hundreds, if not thousands, of entries, so time is of the essence. When a judge pops your video into the DVD player, the judge expects that video to begin playing automatically. Judges are not interesting in viewing director's cuts or outtakes.

Watch Out for Different Film Categories

You will find that most video contests have different film categories. Some video contests may have categories such as drama and comedy, while others may have categories such as short film and feature film. The video contest should provide an explanation of each category that they offer. You need to make sure that you enter your video into the correct film category. In most cases, if you were to enter a comedy into the drama category, the judges are going to automatically reject your video. While this isn't always the case, there is often a different application fee for each category, so be sure to pay attention to that, as well.