The 5 Best Film Editing Schools

Going to one of the many reputed film editing schools can guarantee you a launch pad to put you into the big league of film editors. Almost all schools promise a great course and delivery of content, but just a handful can provide a complete mix of great facilities, teachers and alumni. Following are the five best film editing schools in the USA.

1. New York University Tisch School of the Arts

The famous Tisch School of the Arts provides some of the best undergraduate courses in film and television. You will learn it all including directing, filmmaking, postproduction, editing and cinematography. The school has the advantage of being in the vicinity of the big film making community in New York.

2. California Institute of the Arts School of Film/Video

The California Institute for the Arts provides a Bachelor or Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Video. The specialization in film editing is highly sought after. The school has strong alumni support that has worked for some of the biggest names in the business like Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Brothers. There is no dearth of labs and learning facilities at the school.

3. UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television

The University of California at Los Angeles Film School provides courses in film editing and is one of the best schools that you can go to. The huge alumni groups can get you working and placed in no time at all.

4. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is among the most well known institutions and is highly regarded for its film editing curriculums. The film history of the university goes all the way back to late 1800’s. Also, the university is home to the oldest and most prominent student film society.

5. Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt University is among the top destinations for film enthusiasts to earn a degree in film editing. It is placed among the top 20 private universities in the USA. The flexible curriculum and alumni that holds leading industrial positions provides a massive leverage to students of film editing at Vanderbilt.