Should I Buy a Digital Camcorder with a Low Rating?

Many people will consider the digital camcorder rating when they are choosing a new video camera. However, these aren't actually as important as you might imagine. Just because a camcorder has a poor rating it doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy it. There are actually a number of reasons that you should think about buying a camcorder that has a low rating.

All Round Ratings

The digital camera reviews will calculate a rating score by looking at various aspects of the camcorder. This means that it will try to compare cameras that have different features. While these ratings are helpful they aren't always accurate. Sometimes you will want to choose a video camera that does certain things well.

Still Image Quality

Most of these reviews will focus mainly on the video quality. However, if you are interested mainly in still images then this might be more important.

Frame Rate

If you are looking for a video camera that has high speed capabilities then you might need to ignore the rating scores. This is because these cameras aren't often reviewed.


If you are looking for a cheaper camera then you might want to consider buying a camera with a low rating. That's because the lesser known brands either don't get reviewed or have poor scores.