Shooting Varying Foot-Candles within one Shot

If you want to take a photo or video which has varying foot-candles throughout the shot then you will need to spend time finding out exactly how to do this. Fortunately this is fairly easy thanks to spot meters which can average out the light intensity and decide on the best settings for your camera. By working this out it is very simple to ensure that your camera has the best settings to capture all of the separate objects in full detail.

This can be something that's confusing to do at first however with practice it should be something that you find very simple. and if you ever need to do it again you shouldn't have any trouble.

Step 1: Setting up the Shot

The first thing that you should do is set up the shot. This is no different to normal. You need to ensure that the lighting is sufficient to capture the photo. You should also make sure that everything you want to take a photo of is lined up and in the correct position. This will make focusing on the subjects much easier.

Step 2: Setting up the Camera

Next you need to set up your camera. If you are working with a number of different light intensities in one picture then you will need to turn your camera into manual mode. A fully manual video camera will give you much more control over the exposure and white balance settings of your camcorder. This should make it possible to capture great videos regardless of the light conditions.

Step 3: Focusing

Next you should mount the camera on a tripod to ensure that it's steady and that it won't move around too much. With the video camera mounted you should then focus the picture to make it look as good as possible. Look through the viewfinder and then use the focus ring to adjust the focus.

Step 4: Spot Meter

Using a high end digital spot meter you can set it up to measure several spots. This is something that's quite easy to do. You need to spend time reading the manual if you're not sure how to use your spot meter. With the spot meter set in multi-spot mode it will measure the intensity of several different spots. This will then be averaged out so that you have the right exposure settings for many different conditions.

Step 5: Setting the Camera

The spot meter will give you an average exposure value which will work well to get the best from the video. The exposure value can be entered into your camera by adjusting the exposure and aperture settings. This will make it easy to make sure that everything is recorded correctly without worrying about any problems with overexposed videos.

Step 6: Reviewing the Results

Once you have finished recording the video you should then play back the video to see what it looks like. If you have had any problems with this then you might need to repeat the video a second time.