Reducing Glare with Lux Meters

Lux meters are all designed as a way of measuring the light in a picture easily and accurately. These measure the amount of light which bounces off a subject in Lux which is a popular measurement of light intensity. The higher the lux readings, the more intense the light is. In order to reduce glare using lux meters you will need to understand how to use them correctly and measure the amount of light in the picture.

These lux meters are very easy to use as they give a reading on a digital screen or in the viewfinder of the meter. They will give you the exact settings required to put into your camera. This will make it much easier to ensure your video is perfectly exposed to reduce glare.

Step 1: Composing the Photograph

The first thing that you should do is set up your camera. Put the camera on a tripod so that it is stable and it doesn't risk moving around. Then take a look through the eye piece on your camera at the objects that you want to film. Adjust the zoom so that the entire scene is in view.

You will then need to focus the camera so that everything is in focus. If there are any changes in the composition of the photo at this stage then you will need to make the changes before bothering with the light meter.

Step 2: Setting up the Lux Meter

Turn the light meter on and check that it is fully charged. If you're using a digital Lux meter then this will be easier to use. Check that the meter is set to the right mode. If you are using outdoor lighting then make sure it's set to ambient mode. If you are using studio lighting and flashes then set it to digital. The correct setting will make sure that the results are as accurate as possible.

Step 3: Setting the Film Speed

Again to get accurate results you will need to set the film speed on your camera. If you are using a digital video camera then this will be selected in the menu options of the camcorder.

Step 4: Measuring the Distance

Now you need to use the Lux meter to measure the distance between the camera and the objects that you want to take a photo of. If you have a new meter then you will be able to look through the viewfinder, aim it at the device and then press a button to measure the distance. Read the instructions that came with your Lux meter to find out whether this is possible. If not, you will need to stand next to the object to measure the distance.

Step 5: Results

The digital Lux meter will display the right aperture and shutter settings required to film correctly. This will then need to be entered into your camera so that the settings are accurate and that there aren't any problems with skin glare.