Recreating a City from a Different Film Location

Finding film locations for your films can be very difficult and expensive. That's why it's popular to find ways to make other locations look the same. By shooting most of your film in one location and then continuing in a studio or other location, you can speed up production and reduce costs. Modern technology makes it very simple to recreate these locations easily.


Bluescreen technology can be used to create the appearance of different locations with ease. Bluescreen is a difficult type of technology to use because it requires a physical blue screen. The actual technology, however, is fairly simple. This simply needs a computer. Bluescreen can be used to replace the background with anything. This means that a still photo or video of a city can be used behind.

Using bluscreen technology with location shots can work very well when edited together properly. This is a good way to fill in extra detail when you have finished filming on location.

Adding Elements

Photoshop can be used to add in various elements and landmarks into the scenes. This makes it possible to make any scene look similar to a location. This can be a little difficult to do at first, which is why you need to practice.


The most important thing when mixing together different locations is to carefully edit them together. When the cuts are placed in the right place and the videos are stitched together properly, they will look much better. The key is to minimize any abrupt transitions between films. This will make it a seamless and professional looking video.